Player’s experiences

Three players, Spidere, Firecracker and Beetle Bom describe their experiences playing Chain Reaction in SFZero’s website. Take a look at how they managed to complete the tasks in the checkpoints!



Thanks to all who came to play with us!

And thanks to all the bystanders who saw us play and helped us complete the tasks… above all those amazing songs!

The winners of the 1st Chain Reaction: Berkeley edition are Avidd Opolis and David Fine, with their fabulous show “How To Talk To A Young Revolutionary”. Go to “performances” to see more pictures and videos of the game.

Chain Reaction is now a task in SFZero

Join SFZero!

The brilliant guys over at SFZero (the game featured in the SF Chronicle article on pervasive games on Sunday) have included Chain Reaction as an official task in SFZero. To be or not to be is NOT the question, you can be and be again! In other words, you can play Chain Reaction and play SFZero at the same time. Register at SFZero to collect a whopping 50 points for completing the Chain Reaction task:

SF Chronicle publishes an article about Pervasive Gaming in San Francisco

Chain Reaction is finally happening!


Street Game

It’s year 2020. Berkeley has been successfully privatized down to the very last brick. The University now only accepts students that are guaranteed to contribute directly to the global economy – that is, students of Business, Economics, Engineering and Law. Degrees such as History, Literature, and Journalism have disappeared. The University is now a corporation.

Chain Reaction is a playful mix of street game and performance that takes place across the city of Berkeley. Players are challenged to explore the city environment, play with their surroundings and complete mystifying tasks. A series of smaller game moments lead up to a big finale in which the players must use all their creativity to help the corporation reach its goal of total world domination. The team that best helps to spread the joyful message of total corporatization gets an extremely valuable prize 🙂

The game begins on Saturday 17th at 1pm in upper Sproul Plaza in Berkeley. Bring comfortable clothes and footwear, and something to drink (in case corporate talk makes you thirsty)!

RSPV on Facebook at

The Chain Reaction Team,

Game Rules

Your GOAL is to complete a task -in groups- in each checkpoint successfully and show the result in the last checkpoint to the rest of the players.

You MUST visit every checkpoint ( 5 in total)

You MUST complete all the tasks. There is normally one task in each checkpoint + tasks in motion.

You MAY use any form of transportation. Walk, run, use skateboard, ride a bike, bus, car and taxi.

You MUST find a CORPORATE in each checkpoint. This person is in charge of validating the completion of your task.

You MUST NOT visit the checkpoints in order, except for checkpoint no. 5, which MUST be the last one.

You MUST not say that you are participating in a game to bystanders.

You MUST arrive in checkpoint no. 5 by 3pm.

2nd test run was we are ready to go!

We just had the 2nd test run for Chain Reaction with students from the DeCal class “Come out and play”. After the adjustments we made this second session was much more dynamic, focusing more on social improv than seeking inspiration in the surroundings. The performances were also more complex and structured.

One of the changes we made was the introduction of a fictional narrative based on UC Berkeley’s walk out last week. The university is in danger after president Yudof announced large cuts in the budget.  An ironic movement called UCMeP inspired the narrative that we are now using in Chain Reaction. UCMeP stands for University of California Movement for Effective Privatization. Since the University is going towards privatization anyways, let’s do it fast and effectively!

Here is a short video of the game…enjoy!